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African Enterprise’s approach to training is to integrate training into real life ministry situations. Our students achieve these outcomes in the following ways:

  • A modular learning system where students attend onsite campus training for 3-4 days of contact learning.
  • Contact learning combines interactive lectures, group discussions and prescribed readings. Students are also encouraged to participate in sharing their practical experiences in both the lecture room and through various social media platforms.
  • Students then return to their communities to put into practice what they have learned.
  • Students are evaluated through assignments as well as exams.

African Enterprise also offers two dynamic and highly interactive leadership development courses:

Nehemiah: The Power of Visionary Leadership
This two day leadership development intensive course serves as a basic introduction to various aspects of servant leadership by looking at the life, leadership and impact that Nehemiah made when he brought the people of Jerusalem together to rebuild the city walls.

  • Servant Leadership: Being the Leader God Wants You to Be
    The purpose of this workshop is to provide a framework for a leadership approach that is Biblical and adheres to the standards of servant leadership, as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. The desired outcome is greater effectiveness and integrity in the participant’s leadership.

The workshop is divided into 10 sessions, which is often run over a series of three, two day workshops: The workshops cover the following leadership areas:

  1. Introducing Servant Leadership
  2. Understanding Yourself
  3. Power
  4. Developing Others
  5. Building Teams
  6. Motivating Others for Excellence and Service
  7. Leading Change
  8. Mission, Vision and Values
  9. Resolving Conflict
  10. Integrity and Accountability

Please contact us if you require any further information on the training we provide

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